Level 2 Electives




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Wood burning – 4-day Wood burning tools are hot and with some creativity you will create a hot looking piece of art to take home.
Fancy Cupcakes – 2-day Try out different piping techniques to make flowers, shells and cupcake toppers. See what you can create.
Geometric Art – 2-day Bright or muted geometric designs painted on canvass and ready to hang.
Russian Egg Art – 4-day When does an egg become a work of art? When you use colorful Russian Egg Art technics on it.
Shotgun Shell Wreath – 4-day Choose from a Christmas wreath, patriotic wreath and more.
Watercolor Painting – 4-day Who says watercolor paints are just for making a mess? They are great for creating pictures and ready to decorate rooms.
Mirror Etching – 4-day Decide what your etched picture will be and then get it permanently etched into a mirror time.
Game Creation – 2-day Woodburn a really neat Tic Tac Toe Board.
Tin Art – 2-day Using a thin sheet of tin and some tools and permanent markers create something called Metal Foil or Tin Art.
Art of Make-up – 4-day Don’t look made up, learn how to use makeup to enhance your own beauty.
Woodworking – Foot Stool – 2-day Sand and assemble a foot stool and then put your feet up and relax.
Woodworking – Side Table – 2-day When this side table is assembled and then sanded you will have the perfect place to set that bottle of pop on a hot day.
Treasure Box – 4-day This box ends up so nice it is a treasure all by itself and it can hold your other special treasures.
Face Painting – 2-day From small designs to full face designs learn the art of face painting.
Colorful Candle Making – 2 day Melt wax, add the color, pour creatively and carefully and end up with colorful candles.
Slime Extravaganza – 2 day Make it and take it, your own slime.
Specialty Ice Cream Sandwiches – 2 day Beyond your typical Ice Cream Sandwich.
Tie Dye – 2 day Put your own touch of great color and design on a white T-shirt and a pair of socks.
Cake/Cookie/Cupcake Decorating – 2 day Learn the techniques of making your baked good really special using frosting and decorating tips.
Melty Mania – second generation – 2 day Crayons turned into colorful pictures.
Art of Chocolate – 2 day Learn about heating the chocolate in order to make molds, designs and dip some of your favorite foods.
Basket Weaving – 4-day Use clothes line and colorful yarn to crate a colorful and useful basket.