Level 1 Electives




Button Art – 2-day Create a colorful fun picture using buttons of various colors and sizes!
Homemade Art Supplies – 4-day Campers will create their own sidewalk chalk, paints & more!
Birdhouses – 2-day Hang it in a tree when you get home and bring on the birds!
Woodworking – Clock – 2-day Make your own clock.
Rock ‘waterfalls’ – 2 day Using rocks and ‘water’ create a ‘waterfalls’ that won’t make you wet.
Tie Dye – 2 day Turn a white T-shirt and white socks into colorful wearable art.
Gumball Machine – 2-day Make your own gumball machine and keep it full, no coins necessary for dispensing from this machine!
Fun Cupcakes – 2-day Make, fill and decorate cupcakes that are decorated with frosting and ready to eat. You will even make animal cupcakes.
Tin Art – 2-day Using a very thin piece of tin and some tools and permanent markers, design, press and paint a special picture.
No Sew Pillow – 2-day With two pieces of fleece and a scissors create a neat pillow.
Airplanes – 4-day (4th-5th graders only) Create and paint custom wood airplanes.
Rock Painting – 2-day Pick the size and shape of rock you want and turn it into a painting of a house, animal or plant.
Tablet Stand – 2-day Make a stand for your iPad, Tablet, Kindle or any other electronic you may have.
Smoothies – 2-day Make delicious fruit smoothies and he best part is you get to eat them!
Smoothies – 2-day Make delicious fruit smoothies and he best part is you get to eat them!
Mini Crossbow – 2-day It actually works.
Catapult – 2-day Make a miniature catapult.
Rainbow Loom – 2-day Create nice colorful bracelets using colorful rubberbands.
Can Lid Mobile – 2-day  Decorate and turn can lids into a mobile.
Wacky Hair Day – 2-day Use hair spray, hair gel and spray color to make your hair wacky for a day.
Diamond Dot Painting – 2-day Come and make a beautiful picture using diamond like facets. It is like color by number with diamonds!
Trinket Tower – 2-day Hang your jewelry on this tower.
Treasure Box – 4-day (4th– 5th graders only) Make a box that ends up a treasure even if you don’t put your own treasures inside of it.
Ice Cream Sandwiches – 2-day Bake some chocolate chip cookies, turn them into an ice cream sandwich cookie and enjoy!
Tube Animals – 2-day Cute critters using paint and empty toilet paper tubes!2nd and 3rd graders only
Paint and Calligraphy – 4-day Using plastic cards and canvass to create unique artworks to hang.
Slime – 2-day Make it and take it, your own slime.
Face Painting – 2 -day Create colorful and unique face painting designs.
Cake/Cookie Decorating – 2-day Learn how to use cake decorating tools to make beautiful cakes, cookies and cupcakes.
Chocolate 101 – 2-day Melt chocolate, dip goodies in it, even create your own candy bar!
Scrapbooking – 4- day Take your pictures out of the drawer or box and turn them into lifelong treasures.